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Cultivating a Healthy Marriage Tim and Kathy Keller

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Blessed Self-Forgetfulness
Timothy Keller, Pastor of Redeemer Church, New York City

In this sermon Tim Keller challenges the notion that the key to health is having a better self-esteem or, as is often suggested in Christian cirlces, to think poorly of yourself and call it “humility.” Keller proposes the answer lies in forgetting about the self. To hear a 20 minute portion of this message click on the link below. To buy the entire message click here.

Blessed self-forgetfulness(right click to download)

Clinical Depression

Finding God, a sermon by Tim Keller.

Seasons of spiritual dryness and disillusionment are inevitable in life, and may derail your faith. They don’t seem to fit with a just and holy God. Psalm 42 offers a prescription for your soul when it seems impossible to feel close to God and sense his lovingkindness.

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